Collaborative Design Process

Our Collaborative Design Process guides us through each build, improves communication between parties and helps to eliminate surprises.

Our goal is always to deliver on and exceed our clients’ expectations. Each project brings together a new party of stake-holders, and our carefully refined process helps to establish the build parameters at a granular level, in a logical step-by-step manner. This way, nothing falls through the cracks.

Preliminary Design Phase

We start every project by sitting down and discussing your vision. We ask questions and talk about your lifestyle and functionality needs. If we all feel good moving forward, we’ll begin putting initial plans in place.

Schematic Design Phase

We bring those ideas and dreams to life with initial drawings. Our team will create an initial budget so you know the costs before the building begins. We want to be transparent and real about what’s possible and what isn’t, so we’ll adjust to accommodate your budget. We’ll also identify an architect who fits your needs and begin scheduling meetings with them.

Design Development Phase

We’re getting closer. Your plans are refined and turned into 3-D renderings. We’ll bring partners like structural engineers and landscape architects to offer their expertise and make your design even better. And details, like lighting and interior design will be discussed. This is the stage when a contract is signed and we move closer to building.

Construction Document Phase

The final countdown begins. Plans are finalized and any last questions are answered. From here, we’ll start preparing to build. We’ll make sure everything is ready to go and make any final adjustments for you.

Building Phase

It all comes down to this. We break ground and start building. Our procurement team will source the materials needed for your home. And you’ll have a dedicated point of contact with your project manager if you have any questions. You’ll also have access to our project management software, giving you real-time insight into how your project is going and if any issues have popped up.